Tarot 690 Ironman Build Log / by Brian D.

After much debate on how to best start my venture into Aerial Photography - I decided to take the design, build, and test approach vs just buying a completed quadcopter.  I figured this would pay dividends later on during operations and at points I would be required to do maintenance on the spot.

During the adventure of choosing this road less traveled, I had the realization that there isn't really a step-by-step guide available on how to build a quadcopter capable of producing cinema quality video.  While, there are multiple forums and sites that have a plethora of information - there isn't a single easy to follow guide.  My goal is a very detailed build log on how to design and build a hexcopter from the ground up.

While I do have a multitude of degrees and a b.s. in Electrical engineering I hope that I can make this very easy to follow, for someone like me who has no idea of the journey of which they are about to embark on. 

My goal is to produce similar if not higher quality as the video below - with the Tarot 690.  The larger platform should provide better stability.  With my upcoming trip to Paris I am giving my self 45 days until the first flight - we will see how I do!