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A quick glance at the hours posted on the door can give some people a strange impression of the business minds behind Andante, however this is just one of the many intentional pieces of their coffee puzzle. The owners open the cafe from 11-18, between Tuesday and Sunday.

The owners Nikko Liu and Mia Fang view the café as their hobby, and the only way to preserve the joy of that hobby is to find the right balance of work and play. When talking with Nikko he explained: “Even after 4 years of working here, I still enjoy the process of making the coffee every time.” And this is coming from someone who didn’t even drink coffee before deciding to open the café!

Nikko explained that he handles the coffee side of the business, and his partner and girlfriend Mia handles the food. In fact, at the time of this interview she was in Japan attending a culinary course on bread-making to further her knowledge in this area. It was always Mia’s dream to own her own business and after an opportunity presented itself to have some space in an existing floral shop, Mia and Nikko decided on a cafe.

There is an immediate slow-down effect when you arrive in the clean, crisp space. Without any hustle and bustle to distract you, it’s a true experience for the senses. Natural light floods in connecting you to the outside while the calming music makes for easy listening. They take a lot of care in ensuring the snacks and coffees are prepared and presented for the maximum sensory experience, visually and on the palate. Plan to stay awhile and really savour the experience.

We really enjoyed our pour over from the featured La Cabra roastery, a Colombian Yabari. You should also try the matcha tea latte.