Helsinki Cafe Storytelling

Whenever people visit Helsinki, they are often curious about where to find the highest quality coffee shops. While the list gets longer every year, below are a few spots that keep us excited for the next cup.

Kaffa ECT-2.jpg

Kaffa Roastery

Since it’s humble beginnings over 10 years ago, Kaffa Roastery has continued to provide Helsinki with high-quality coffee while remaining transparent about every step of the process.

Johns Coffee ECT-8.jpg

John’s Coffee

You can be sure that the experience you get at John’s Coffee is like no other in Helsinki. John is at once friendly, welcoming and lighthearted. He is happy to have a conversation with you as you enjoy your brew, as long as the subject matter is coffee. .

Andante ECT.jpg


A quick glance at the hours posted on the door can give some people a strange impression of the business minds behind Andante, however this is just one of the many intentional pieces of their coffee puzzle. .

Cafetoria ECT-8.jpg


The Latin influence makes stepping into Cafetoria feel like a temporary transport to a different place. The blue floor tiles and colorful pillows feel inviting, fun and lively. The space is filled with natural light and a sense of warmth.

Artisan Cafe ECT-10.jpg


It’s hard to imagine the coffee scene in Helsinki before Artisan came into the picture, but after a single visit it’s impossible not to appreciate this café. Your visit will not only produce a cup of unique and quality coffee, but also a warm welcome from the resident barista Kaapo.

Goodlife ECT.jpg

Good Life Coffee

One of the best parts of visiting Good Life Coffee is the café’s success at creating an approachable space. The café is comfortable, inviting and unassuming. While finding a seat can be a challenge during busy times, the quality coffee and thoughtful snacks make it worth the effort.

These cafes were featured as an article on European Coffee Trip. Holt Connections founders contributed both the photography and article write-up.