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Owners Ivan Ore and Mia Nikander-Ore have always embraced the beauty of cultural differences, both as a couple and within their business.

Ivan is originally from Peru and Mia is from Finland. Ivan had worked in Finland in the technology industry for several years when he met Mia and they decided to pursue coffee roasting together. Their roaster and the original shop opened in 2002 outside of Helsinki in the city of Lohja. As their popularity grew, the demand for a location in Helsinki became apparent and was then opened in 2012.

The Latin influence makes stepping into Cafetoria feel like a temporary transport to a different place. The blue floor tiles and colorful pillows feel inviting, fun and lively. The space is filled with natural light and a sense of warmth. The internationally diverse staff is welcoming and kind. The owners also take great pride in maintaining a close, personal relationship with their coffee farmers.

While talking to barista Daniel Alejandro Tobar Escobar, he explained what he believes makes Cafetoria unique: “We are like a family. We care about our customers’ passions and respect everyone. If someone wants to get their coffee and sit quietly, or another wants to talk loud and laugh, we are happy for both.” The locals that frequent this café seem happy as well to be part of the family.

Come here for the warm conversation, good coffee and truly delicious empanadas with a squeeze of fresh lime.

The nitro-infused cold brew featuring their organic Peruvian coffee Gran Palomar is a must on a hot day!