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John’s Coffee

When the owner John Ntaganda first came to Finland in 2009 to study, coffee was nowhere on his radar. Through many conversations about his home country of Rwanda, he started to realize that few people were aware that coffee growing is a positive part of their culture. It was then that he started to formulate the idea of starting a coffee roasting company sourcing only African coffee beans.

As he pursued this idea, he experienced many people’s trepidation at him starting a business with no prior experience in the field, but he explained that his outlook on life led him to understand that “risk is just part of the equation”. So he started roasting coffee and successfully selling it. But he soon found he was unsatisfied by his distance from the actual coffee consumer. He wanted to share himself along with the coffee and thereby create a different image of Rwanda in people’s minds. So he opened a coffee shop.

And you can be sure that the experience you get at John’s Coffee is like no other in Helsinki. John is at once friendly, welcoming and lighthearted. He is happy to have a conversation with you as you enjoy your brew, as long as the subject matter is coffee.

For John, a proof of a good day is sharing his coffee with the regulars who frequent his shop, but also with those who arrive because of the “word of mouth”. John encourages people to visit saying: “Come to my café for me, because I will treat you good”. And the coffee is a unique treat.

We truly loved our flat white featuring John’s Organic Ethiopian Guji.