Zabriskie Point

Death Valley - National Park by Brian D.

Day Trip to Death Valley 


Las Vegas provides great access for an easy and beautiful day trip to Death Valley, National Park.   The scenic drive is right under two hours.  

Las Vegas to Death Valley

Las Vegas to Death Valley


I was driving a 35 ft RV during my latest trip to Death Valley.  We stayed at the Furnace Creek Resort, they have a fairly large amount of RV parking.  The facilities are great with access to both showers and pool.  Once you check it at the registration a guide will take you to your parking spot (which is very helpful). 

Best Photography: 

1) Zabriskie Point - Death Valley, California

Death Valley is a photographers dream...However, I would have to say one of the best and most easily accessible spots is Zabriskie Point Death Valley.  There is easy access right off route 190 and then with a short 1/4 mile hike from the parking lot you will witness one of the most amazing views of a desert.

Zabriskie Point - Death Valley, California

Zabriskie Point - Death Valley, California

2) Eureka Sand Dunes - Death Valley, CA

Almost 100 miles north on 190 you will come across another amazing stop in Death Valley, the Eureka Sand Dunes.  This location is fantastic for evening and sunset shots.

Death Valley, California

Death Valley, California

Tips & Tricks: 

Weather is probably the most important thing to factor in when traveling to Death Valley.  I have gone in all four seasons.  Late spring, until the middle of May is probably my favorite time to visit.  The temperatures during the day are fairly warm but during the golden hours the temperatures are usually perfect as opposed to extreme cold or heat during other seasons.  Cell phone service is very limited and it is important to travel in a reliable vehicle with plenty of water and food.  To plan a guided trip to the above locations and/or more please contact me.